Friday, February 09, 2007

Lack of Music 2000 mixes.

Ok let me explain; in 2001 as a bit of an experiment, I decided to play around with the popular Playstation 'game' Music 2000.Using it's sampled instruments and preset drum riffs and such, I created two tracks of various Final Fantasy arrangements.

Although incredibly cheesy in nature due to the clichéd preset styles of sample riff (i.e. House, Rock, Trance etc), it did inspire me to begin on the road of arranging Final Fantasy tracks which would eventually lead to this project.

I had hoped to include these two videos on the bonus disc of the DVD, however, it seems that there are technical limitations which prevent this.

Having my Playstation 2 connected to my TV/VCR combi unit, I was able to record the footage of the tracks onto video. Then, I was able to copy from VHS to DVD using the DVD recorder stand alone unit. However, this is where the trail goes cold, as the DVDR only uses DVD+ media, and my Sony DVD writer drive cannot read the disc due to Cyclic Redundancy Check errors! Consequently, there will either be no footage on the final release disc, or possibly if I'm very lucky I may be able to pull some data from the corrupted files...

Conversion process.


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