Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Post rehearsal nervousness

Tonight's rehearsal was...interesting.

Dan made a surprise appearance as he'd told me he couldn't attend, so his presence was very welcome. Sammy was getting drunk, so I must be honest and say that with two days to go before the show I am a bit annoyed. And Lauren doesn't come back until tomorrow, but I'm actually not worried about her because I know she can play the parts.

We started off going over Act II again. I must admit that it is indeed sounding better each time we do it, and the addition of Henry compared to Sunday is welcome indeed. Then Jon had to disappear to run lighting for Emma Cooper's performance, at which point I took the lead and we ran through Acts I and III complete, then started going over a few difficult bits, like the rit. at the end of Super Sonic. Once we'd done that, I led us in Act II, at which point Jon arrived again and we continued under his leadership.

There are a few tricky moments in Act II that just need constant hammering out, but I'm sure we can get it. This was also the first time I had a semi-acoustic with me too, so the guitar changeovers were...again, interesting.

The only contention was regarding dress code. I'd clearly stated on previous occaisions what was to be worn, yet Si and Dan seeed unhappy with this. I want to keep them happy, and I'm really really grateful for everything that they're doing for me but at the end of the day it's my performance and therefore my decision. I just hope that they can appreciate that.


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