Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pre-show music CD & programmes

I've just put together a CD of pre-show music that will play as the audience come in.
The tracks were all (except 2) taken from the Final Fantasy Piano Collection albums, including tracks from IV - X-2:

  1. Main Theme - FFVII
  2. Dark City Treno - FFIX
  3. 1000 Words - FFX-2
  4. Besaid Island - FFX
  5. Terra's Theme - FFVI
  6. Eyes on Me - FFVIII
  7. Dear Friends - FFV
  8. Tifa's Theme - FFVII
  9. Blue Fields - FFVIII
  10. Loss of Me - FFIX
  11. Fisherman's Horizon - FFVIII
  12. Melodies of Life - FFIX
  13. Rydia - FFIV
  14. Eternity = Memory of Lightwaves - FFX-2 OST
  15. Aeris' Theme - FFVII
  16. One Winged Angel - FFVII Advent Children OST

One Winged Angel will kick the show off with a lighting extravaganza and loud music, then an announcement "Ladies and Gentleman, Steven Beaty and the Console Ensemble" and we will come on stage.

I've also designed the programme that the front of house team will hand out on the door. I need at some point to go to the library and get copies made.

Front / Back Cover
Click for larger size.

Click for larger size.


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