Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank You!

Good morning all!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the main contributors to this project.

Thank you to:

Jon Plimmer - for his guidance, commitment, enthusiasm and effort into making this project what it is, it couldn't have been done without him.

Lauren, Emma, Sammy, Lucy, Henry, Simon, and Dan - for playing their socks off and keeping up with rehearsals and learning the material. Without them I'd have just been some guy playing a guitar, not very exciting.

Nick and Claire from "T Electrics" - for all their technical support. My Dad said last night "that's the best sound I've ever heard"; considering he knows his stuff that's high praise indeed. I knew starting this project that Nick knows how to get the best results, and with Claire helping him they make a great team. Thank you.

Sarah - for taking care of the lighting demands of the show, without her control we'd have been another bland group on a white stage.

Tam and Anna - for mixing the projections live and making the difference between nobody knowing the repertoire, to everybody finding something they could appreciate.

Cathy - for being such a good front of house coordinator, for running around getting programmes and lunches and goodness-knows-what else sorted for the show.

Pete, Adam, Will, and Jane from Sound and Vision - for all the support through risk assessments, equipment bookings, lighting, projection and camera setups.

Toby - for his mentoring and input into the musical material and the playing of the music.

Gris and David - for casting their knowledgeable eyes over proceedings and (hopefully) making some favourable comments.

Stacey - for all the support and understanding shown to me over the last six months, and for all the help with setups and rehearsals this week.

a final thank you to everybody who helped with the setup and arranging of the show.

The performance is now over, but the work will continue in the production of the special edition DVD.


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