Friday, June 16, 2006

Video compilation

This afternoon I've been trawling through the video from last night; I've got good footage from Dad's camera (stage right), John's camera (stage left), and Dan's drum camera.

I've also got workable footage from Henry but only until Act II when the tape runs out (I forgot to rewind it first). I completely forgot to put a tape in / and turn on the balcony camera, but if I'm really lucky maybe SPU took a video for themselves from up there.

I also set up a fantastic angle on Simon and his setup, but after I put the camera there he put a music stand in the way, so I have three Acts of his head floating over a stand!

Using the footage from Dad's camera, I've cut together a rough teaser for online hosting, which can be viewed below. Once I have the soundtrack on CD from Nick I can start to cut together the DVD.

Included on the DVD will be: Commentary with Jon and myself, DVD version of this blog, special projection reels cut to our soundtrack recording, plus some promotional artwork and things.


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