Thursday, July 20, 2006

Minor OST alterations

This morning I've tweaked the soundtrack recording slightly. Basically I've added the correct applause tracks from the video audio to the end of each track.

A contentious point herein lies; I've also overdubbed the guitar track in the correct timing during the Metal Gear Solid 3 segment. Now it sounds like the melody is in the correct place with a touch of echo on the guitar, as opposed the the melodic framework of the piece breaking down (which is actually how we played it). I'm tempted to use this as the audio for the DVD, and simply backtrack the video so it looks like I was playing in the correct time.

However, upon listening, something has happened during the export process, and the "T Electrics Mix" (from Nick) sounds a lot cleaner than my version. The version I did ended up ever so slightly distorted. If I can rerecord the applause and guitar without a loss in quality then I'll do so, watch this space for updates...


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